HPC Cluster

HPC Cluster: Combines multiple SMP computer systems together with high-speed interconnects to achieve the raw-computing power of classic “big-iron” supercomputers. These clusters work in tandem to complete a single request by dividing the work among the server nodes, reassemble the results and present them to the client as if a single-system did the work.

Where HPC has been used?

  • CFD Applications
  • Weather prediction
  • Medical science research
  • Oil & Gas exploration
  • Visualization computing
  • Signal processing
  • Transaction processing & Data warehouses
Benefits of Open Source / Open Standard HPC systems:
  • Low cost & high performance solution
  • Instant deployment & use
  • No dependency on proprietary hardware or software
  • Linux OS and other tools are freely available and widely used for HPC clusters
  • Ease of technology,flexible,no complexity,no restrictions on specific changes to software or hardware
  • Legacy & Latest hardware support
  • More stable,secure & robust file system
  • Complete HPC solution from single vendor
We offer CPU / GPGPU based,affordable,flexible, custom built and reliable High Performance Computing cluster systems for Corporate,Scientific Research Community and Animation Studios on Intel or AMD or Nvidia platform using Infiniband or Ethernet inter connectivity. We provide HPC servers in 1U/2U/ 3U/ 4U/ form factor or based on specific requirements with Open or Closed Rack system

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